Collections FAQ's

  • What are SAE Collections?
    A Collection is an online aggregation of SAE Technical Papers focused on a specific topic or technology available online from
  • What are the prices for Collections?
    The pricing will vary depending on the number of technical papers in a particular Collection.
  • How often will Collections be updated?
    New Collection titles will be added on a regular basis, however the contents of a Collection will NOT be updated. Customers desiring updates are candidates for subscription services (Coming Soon), not Collections.
  • How many technical papers are in a Collection?
    Collections are directly related to a specific topic or technology, so the number of Technical Papers varies.
  • Who can access Collections online?
    Anyone. Collections are designed for the professional with a specific research need.
  • Where do I find Collections online?
    Browse or search from the Collections home page, or view the complete list of Collections. Bookmark these links for future reference.
  • What kind of search features are there in Collections?
    Prior to purchase you can search the Collection's metadata - such as the abstract, title, authors, publication date, and Digital Object Identifier (DOI). Once purchased, you can search the full text of any technical paper in the Collection.
  • How do I purchase Collections?
    Collections are purchased and downloaded directly from Access is provided via a username and password (which cannot be shared) for each individual. Purchased Collections are stored and accessed via the "My Library" section of the SAE website. For additional information, please see Why should I Login to use the SAE website?
  • How do I download a Collection?
    Once purchased you can download individual technical papers in a Collection onto one computer.
  • Can I print the technical papers I downloaded?
    Yes, for your personal use from one computer. You may not alter, in part or in whole, any document, nor may you make copies in any format (print or electronic) for distribution to other individuals or computers.
  • Can I distribute the technical papers in a Collection via my company's server?
    No. You cannot purchase a Collection without accepting the terms of the single-user license agreement which prohibits distribution to other parties. You will be able to use your purchase according to the terms in the license agreement.
  • What kind of Digital Rights Management security has been applied to the Collections?
    All PDF's are watermarked with date downloaded, user and copyright information. The FileOpen DRM is not used on the Collections products.
  • What do you mean by single-user license agreement?
    See license agreement.
  • What is the format of the technical papers in a Collection?
    Technical papers are available in PDF format.
  • Can I search within my Collection or Subsctription?
    Yes. One of the key benefits of online Collections is that when you access the Collection from "My Library" you can conduct a full-text search of all the technical papers in that Collection simultaneously.
  • Can I share the information in a Collection?
    Yes, you can share specific information via email or through social media tools.
  • Do I need any software to view Collections?
    You only need to be able to open a PDF document.
  • What if I don't have the Adobe Acrobat Reader?
    Download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Are Collections I have purchased accessible in My Library?
    Yes, through your "My SAE" account.
  • Are Collections available in print?
    Some Collections are available in print as "Special Publications."
  • What are the benefits of Collections available online versus "Special Publications" in print?
    Collections online are full-text searchable, and can be accessed online 24/7.
  • What are the software and hardware requirements for using Collections?
    The hardware and software requirements to access and use SAE Collections are:
    Hardware Internet Browser PDF Reader
    A computer with an Internet connection. Google Chrome
    Firefox 2.0 or greater
    Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater
    Adobe Acrobat Reader